FAITH IN THE DOCK is an online community for people who live, work or study in London’s Royal Docks. The site brings together contributors  from all sections of the community who are interested in exploring what faith means for us here today.

Peeing in Your Own Bath

Fostering a negative attitude is much like peeing in your own bath. The person most affected is you. If you’re cynical, cutting and dismissive, you have to live in that environment 24/7

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Last month I wore a hijab for two weeks. What would I, as a Western feminist, make of it?

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What a Difference a Dave Makes

It was a less than extraordinary Valentine’s Day. The reason being that I celebrated it with a Dave. Apparently 90% of people in Britain know a Dave. Worse still, 1/4 women have dated a Dave. So Dave is not really ‘one in a million’.

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