Lizi Oni


1)  Sum up what kind of person you are in 5 words.

Creative, caring, dry-humored, honest, mindful

2)  Which aspect of the church are you responsible to steer?

Outreach to the new residential developments springing up around the dock. AKA, Blurry-edge enforcer.

I also try to make sure our online presence is kept up to date on this site and our Facebook page

3)  What are you passionate to see happen in this part of our church life?

I believe that as a community church, it should be our joy and duty to make sure the benefits of friendship, inclusivity and a sense of belonging that are available to us are extended to as many of our neighbours as we can reach.

We don’t require any official form of membership from the people involved with RDCC because we aren’t interested in putting conditions or limitations on who we engage with, serve and welcome: hence we consider ourselves a church with blurry edges!

The Royal Docks has it’s own unique set of challenges in this area because it’s made up of a beautifully diverse, busy and fluid demographic so finding ways to provide appealing and relevant ways of connecting is always an ongoing work in progress.

4)  Which 5 words sum up the kind of church you want to see here in the Royal Docks?
Authentic, inclusive, relevant, serving, loving

5)  What’s your ‘real job’? What do you do in the working week?

I’m a nurse by trade, specialising in cancer and palliative care. Since becoming a full-time mum last year I’ve been working part-time for Bridges Community Project to set up and run a monthly mindfulness and well being event, AfterThought, as well a weekly Parents & Babies Lunch Club at my lovely local pub, Galyons Bar and Kitchen.

I also keep a blog about my personal experience of child loss, motherhood, faith and grief when I get the chance.

6)  What’s the best thing about life in the Royal Docks?
It’s an area with great character and history which, with all the redevelopment going on, has lots of exciting potential and opportunities to evolve. As a life-long Newhamite, I can’t imagine ever wanting to leave this area.