If you live in Waterside Park, we’d love to hear from you about your experiences of living in this new development. We can also contact you about future community events.

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Waterside Park is a new riverside development, with 780 new homes, between the bank of the River Themes and Royal Albert Dock. The area has seen some radical changes over the last few decades, and this has created an area with immense amount of history and an ever-changing character. There is even more changes to come with the building of Royal Wharf just down the road. Have a look at Exploring London’s Royal Docks at londonsroyaldocks.com if you’re interested in learning more about the local history.

As with any new area, Waterside Park is still developing its own identity and community. If other local developments are anything to go by, then this area will soon be filled with City workers, young couples, and families. Many people moving to a new area are interested in getting involved with a local community, but this is especially hard for people who are working long hours in London and who lead incredibly busy lives. People often come home late after work, exhausted from a long day and going back out again, to do battle with commuters on the DLR, doesn’t seem very appealing. Those staying home with children can feel very isolated when they don’t know any of their neighbours.

So how do you create community in a new area? The gym is a great place to start if that’s something you enjoy, you’ll bump into the same people more often than not, and familiar faces help to make a place feel more welcoming. Then there’s the playground at Barrier Park – a great way to meet people if you’ve got kids of your own (but a bit creepy if you don’t!), Café Bonanne and Barrier Park Café are both great places to meet up with friends for a relaxing lunch or cup of coffee, try popping down on your day off and see if the staff know anything about what’s going on in the area. The Britannia Village Community Hall, on the other side of the North Woolwich Road has a full week of activities from community breakfast clubs, ‘stay and play’ events, youth clubs and a Sunday evening church service. So although it can take a while to feel connected to a new area, there’s plenty of opportunity to meet your neighbours and get to know people close to home.