Donald’s Story

wp3af7ee56_01_06 When I was nine I decided to follow God. I joined the Catholic Church, but followed God out of fear.  After a while I felt a distance growing between me and God, and although I believed in Him I couldn’t see how He could be loving. My friend showed me the true nature of God, and introduced me to this church. I finally felt like I belonged to a family, and was encouraged to be someone better than I was. Through reading the book of Job in the Bible, I accepted that God’s understanding is above mine and that I should trust Him without always understanding His ways. I want to get baptised because I’m ready to let go of the life I used to have and live the life God has for me.

Jonny’s Story


In June 2010 I graduated and secured my ‘dream job’ in Formula 1. However at the start of 2011

I started to become aware of my mortality. I had everything I had ever wanted, money, status, a car, a comfortable home in the Oxfordshire countryside, a pretty girlfriend but all I could think was “there has to be more to life than this…?”My Mum suggested that I did an Alpha course. When I walked into the church I found a group of people who were completely accepting of my past and rejoiced in my successes. I was introduced to Jesus. I learnt about God’s passionate love for each and every single one of us. It completely transformed my thinking. Having experienced this love myself I felt a strong desire to go out and share it with others. I joined youthwork charity XLP and moved to Britannia Village. God is love. We are here to be loved and love.

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