Hannah Binley


1) Sum up what kind of person you are in 5 words.

That first one is really hard…In love with East London or  Determined, Passionate, Into Music & Food.

2) Which aspect of the church are you responsible to steer?

I am Queen of the rotas! And assist with worship and PA

 3) What are you passionate to see happen in this part of our church life?

I am passionate to see a diverse group of people come and join our community.

4) Which 5 words sum up the kind of church you want to see here in the Royal Docks?

Outrageously taking Jesus’s words seriously!

 5) What’s your ‘real job’? What do you do in the working week?

I run the Ascension Community Trust a small community charity based in Custom House, just the other side of the dock

6) What’s the best thing about life in the Royal Docks?

Crazy things happen all the time and it’s completely normal! (But that’s London for you…)