Have you ever tried rummaging through your day to find something that might have gone unnoticed or got lost among all the ‘stuff’…something like God? Try the Daily Examen prayer from St Ignatious. Dennis Hamm calls this practice “rummaging for God.” He likens it to “going through a drawer full of stuff, feeling around, looking for something that you are sure must be there.” That’s an accurate description of what it’s like to pray the Daily Examen. We look back on the previous day, rummaging through the “stuff,”and finding God in it. We just need an inkling that we will find God there to begin. So why not have a go? This is a simple version of the five-step Daily Examen

  1. Ask God to be present with you and help you review your day.
  2.  Look back with gratitude. Name things you are grateful for.
  3. Ask yourself Where did I see God in my day? Where was I living in my best, true self?
  4. Did I miss opportunities? Did I get in the way of having a good day? Admit it honesty.
  5. Look forward. What gift do you need from God to have a day you can really live well tomorrow? (more patience/ better attention / kindness…)