This year, we at Royal Docks Community Church look forward to wishing ALL* of our neighbours tidings of comfort and joy this Christmas!

*Even if, like Mary, you’ve got lots on your plate and you’re stressing out about how you’ll cope and live up to everyone’s overwhelming expectations. Or if, like Joseph, for you Christmas brings with it difficult emotional baggage but you still have to put on a brave face for your relatives. Perhaps, like the Wise Men, Christmas has totally different cultural significance to you – yes, we mean you too. Maybe you can relate to the Shepherds in that you have no expectation of being welcomed or included in the Christmas story – we are so sorry you feel that way: we absolutely mean you too! And especially if, just like the donkey, you’re not getting a break from work this Christmas.

However you intend to spend it this year we want to extend, and pray that you experience, tidings of God’s great comfort and joy this Christmas and in the new year.

God bless you.